Earth is being attacked by a mysterious robotic fleet!  Humanity's only hope is that a nuke can make its way to the robotic fleet's mothership and destroy it. You take the part of an onboard AI tasked with protecting the nuke and destroying all robots that get in its way. Your weapon, a plasma ball that you must bounce into the enemy with your shield. 

Android Controls.

Press the left and right sides of the screen to move.

Gather energy by destroying enemy ships.

Apply energy by pressing the button in the bottom left corner of the screen, to unleash missiles upon your enemy

Windows Controls.

Press the left and right arrow keys to move.

                                               Gather energy by destroying enemy ships.

Apply energy by pressing "Space" to unleash missiles upon your enemy

Install instructions

Just download the file.

Unzip and run

Have Fun! (:


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GeoSpace.apk 38 MB

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A masterpiece! very good bro! keep it up! 

and please see my new game here -

please support me, I have been using unity for around 3 months and still a beginner-intermediate programmer.  

Wow, thanks so much! 

l'd be happy to try out your game. ^-^


Beat the game, groved to the music and had a fun time! I like this one as it's like an HD arcade game. I loved the colors and the glow of everything. My only gripe is occasionally, when paused, it wouldn't stop the game, but just display an overlay. Only happened on the boss though! Made me feel like a kid again :)

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Wow, thank you!! I'm flattered. 

Really happy you enjoyed it. (:

I'll get right to work on fixing that boss glitch. Thanks for letting me know. 


my highest score is 80800 so close to 1million ,great game btw


Wow!!! That's a really high score. Thanks for playing! (:


I played your game on my youtube channel.


Thanks for playing! Your feedback was really useful. I'm already applying it to the game I'm currently making. (:

Also, I did have a health bar system. You may notice the ship turns different colors. That's supposed to represent your health. 

I'll definitely be rewatching this video a lot, so I can improve on my game making skills. This is a HUGE help to me. Thank you. ^_^


amazing. So glad I could be of help. I have a how to rank higher in gane jams video that might also be useful. Let me know when you've made the changes and I'll play it again 👍❤


Hey, Groovy! How are your current projects going? Also, if you need anybody to do any testing for your games, I'm here to help!


Hi Honeyfun! Sadly, I havent got any new projects yet. Life has gotten very busy.

However, I believe I'll be starting a new one soon. What it will be? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Thanks so much for the offer! I'll let you know if I start any new projects...

Good luck on your projects as well! Awesome to see the direction your taking direct ascent. It's looking really good! (:

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Thanks! I'm getting so close to 1.0... I can almost smell it.

Life was also very busy for me during the early development (October-Mid March) of Direct Ascent, so I can understand completely.


This is game is pretty awesome! I was a little confused at the beginning but when I got into it it was really fun!

Some things that could make it better:

I know you have a tutorial but maybe you should add a scene like a tutorial where you can explain you goal and mission in a cut seen so the player feels like the have a "job" to complete. Maybe it could be something like "welcome agent.. and once training is complete "agent I hope to see you defeat these robots" or something would make this game really cool and help you make a larger story line in it

The music is also is perfecto for this game! Good job, I hope to see more updates and play this more!

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Thanks for Playing! I'm thinking about adding the tutorial soon, I just need to finish up a new project I'm working on. That should be within a couple weeks but I'll make a priority of putting a tutorial in.

Thanks again for playing and have a great day!


No problem! Have a great day too.


Hey this is really quite fun! The music is also spot on.  I will be playing this more, it's really engaging.

My suggestion would be to differentiate the colors of the targets and the ball more. With the blur effect (which fits the game great) I find it sometimes hard to differentiate those.

Another suggestion would be to either enlarge the height of the playing field by making the characters smaller or switching the controls to mouse for online and Windows and swipe for Android allowing for slightly faster reaction.

Hi eplis, thanks for playing! glad to hear you'll play it again, its always awesome to hear someone liked my game enough to want to play it again.

Also thanks for the advice. I'll see what I can do about implementing it into my game. I'm not sure if you knew but the controls for windows are arrow keys. Some people use the android controls on windows which is why I'm saying this. However, If you mean that you would like to me able to control the character with only the mouse, do let me know.

P.S. I still have your game on my tablet. Its strangely addicting. great job! (:


cool game. I'd be nice if you had like a playable tutorial level though. Like a very 

easy starting level that tells you what to do


Thanks G Catz, I will probably build a tutorial level soon. I just wanted to get the core gameplay down before I added that in.

Thanks for the feedback and have a great day!


Simple game with solid, easily understood controls and mechanics.

I would say that maybe you could use some higher detail textures. You might want to turn down the bloom effect a bit as well, its a bit overdone to me.

A bug I noticed was that the ball would keep going straight up even when it hits the edge of your shield if you catch it when it falls.

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Thanks for the feedback baconation.

In bacon we trust...

Sorry about the shield physics glitch. Who knew physics would be hard to control? I'll work on it.

I just noticed the bloom. I've been developing this game for mobile and it looks different between mobile and desktop devices.

Also, you said higher detail texture. what do you mean? Like, instead pure red enemies, you want some decor on them?

Thanks for playing, and have a breakfast filled day. (:


By higher detail textures, I was specifically talking about the enemies. They way they look now, I think they appear pixelated and overly simple. Even adding a black border to them would help a lot.

Another example would be the "light streaks" that appear when bomb moves to the next level. They look like they are low quality, as if they were enlarged from a smaller texture.


Oh, thanks for the clarification. I never noticed it but now I totally agree with you.

Thanks. (:

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Hey Groovy !

You did some nice improvements !

Gameplay is more engaging now.

I can't point exactly at what you did, but you managed to make your game less "horizontal", very well done !

But this ****** ball still acts weird with gravity, and it is still kind of stuck in its vertical axis on respawn sometimes. 

If only i knew Unity's stuff, i would try to help you fix it.

I'm sure you'll find a way, don't give up.

Edit: still love your arts !

Hey Lost in Code, Thanks. I've been working hard on making the game feel and play better. 

But... I don't know quite what to do with the ball yet. When I turn gravity off, the ball takes forever to come back down. Yet when I leave it on, the game looses its space feel. 

I'm going to play some Pong later to see if I can more closely replicate there ball.

Wish me luck, and thank you for continuously helping me with my game. (:


i don't know Unity, so i won't be very helpfull, but from what you said i think that you need to set a greater initial speed and to remove all kind of gravity and friction stuff. Try to just keep an acceleration on impacts, and cap the max speed to what you please. For the shield bounces angles, i don't know how you've done it, but i would have calculated the bounces depending of the ball position and angle compared to the "offset center" of your shield. 

I whish i could explain in a better English...

Good luck !

And you're welcome !

Thanks, I'll definitely try this.

And don't worry, you English was perfect. It's just complicated stuff.

Ugh... who knew physics required so much math. (;


Wow! The music, polish, and much, much more were incredible! It's so satisfying to play.

I really didn't understand exactly how I game overed, but up until then the game was practically perfect. 5/5.


Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm still working on balancing so occasionally you'll die from some missile hiding off screen. 

Hmm, now that I think about it, I should probably fix that...

Thanks for the feedback, and have a great day!


Woah. You are good. You said that you were a beginning developer, but uhhhh. This is insane. 

Really great job! I absolutely loved it. I loved the effects, the style of the game, the music. It was all great! 

That was awesome! Amazing job! (:

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I'm really happy you enjoyed it! The reason I call myself a beginning developer is because it took 2 months! I'd say it was worth it though. 

Also, Thanks for the complements. Its always great to see someone really enjoyed my game. Have an awesome day! (:


You’re welcome! Have an awesome day dude!


This is a good game , the post processing makes the game looks smooth and attractive , for the particle system make it change it's size over lifetime , otherwise this is a good casual game.

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it. 

Great idea on the particle system, can't believe I didn't think of that!


Really fun! I wish I could use the mouse to directly control the shield through (instead of clicking on either side). 

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Your supposed to use the arrow buttons to move. and "space" to shoot missiles.

Awesome idea for the mouse though...

Thanks for Playing, I"m glad you enjoyed it! (:

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I like it a lot! It’s a kind of interesting mix between a space invader and a break-out. The kind of gravity applied to the ball is kind of wierd, though… I made a game that is rather similar to yours, you might want to check it out: Break It! For a first release, it’s really cool! Looking forward to your next games!

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Thanks for playing Velvet! I'm still working on the ball. It doesn't like being told what to do...

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Just wanted to let people know that the "Get Coins" button won't work in the browser version.