A downloadable asset pack

Short on time and need some retro sound effects?

I got you fam... This is a pack of 50+ retro sound effects I made. I hope you can use them for something cool!! 

Effects include:

- Explosion

- Jump sounds

- Click sound effects

- Picking up item sounds

And much more!


You can use this pack for commercial and non-commercial use. No attribution required. Please do consider following me though, if you like the pack. (:

Other games I've made: https://groovymaster.itch.io/geospace

Join My Discord Server: discord.gg/tsZNPBK

Feel free to link any games you made with this pack down below. I'd LOVE to see what you did with it.


Groovy's Retro Sound Effects.zip 661 kB

Development log


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nice bruh

but some wav sounds are not working in godot engine.

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Thanks dude!

Hmm... so are the wav not importing or are they just not playing?


they get imported fine but showing error like they are not compatible also i am using your sound pack in a game jam here: https://rainxcat.itch.io/a-cats-journey

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Hmm... very weird indeed. I believe that it is an importing issue, since I looked it up and a lot of other people have the same problem with wavs...

Also, thanks for using my pack! I'm going to go try your game now. (:


Great job!

Thank you! (: