When you hear that bump in the night, or you see that shadow in the corner of the room, you know where you must go... Mom's room!

Well, this a short pixel horror game about a just that! Are you ready to face the shadows?

NOTE: The HTML version is a little glitchy with audio, so you many not hear everything. Try the Downloadable version for the best experience.

This is the first horror game I've ever made, so I hope you enjoy! (:

If you get stuck, there is a help page below.


WindowsBuild.zip 55 MB

Development log


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Recently started streaming on Twitch! Is it okay with you if I play this game at one point on stream??

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Oh, you totally can! Would love to see any feedback you have on it. (:

Oh, and it is an older game. So maybe expect a few bugs. XD

If you get stuck, there's a Help page that should be useful. 

Also, thanks for playing in advance!


Sweet! I'll try to play it on my next stream! I can't wait! https://www.twitch.tv/calubunga27

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my review: Fun game, enjoyed jumpscares . you could have added more background details it would have enhanced the graphics. overall loved it. my Reaction:

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Thanks for the feedback and playing! Really enjoyed the video.

Haha, now I can't stop thinking about the monster just being corpse. XD

Edit: LOVE the title! 

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-The background noise of the game is really scary, I like that!

-Pixel art style is cute

-nice dialogue tutorial

-I like the lightings.


The start splash screen that wrote "made by grovvymaster" is popped out for to long. Can the splash screen that says made by you be a little bit faster?

Another way around is to add a button that says credits, so if people wants to know how made the game they just press credits.


Nice game! 9/10.

I would love to see and play your future games!

(by the way, can the texts on this page be smaller?)


Wow, thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! Will definitely be fixing the splash screen in the small update I'm currently working on. 

Not sure what I can do about the page's text, since all the other available sizes are very small, but I'll see what I can do. (:

Thanks for playing! ^-^


Cool piece of work you got here. Congrats!

I'd just like to point out that, it's not very obvious at the start that you want players to interact with the cabinet ... because there's a glowing object right in the middle of the room. Maybe add and arrow pointing out the cabinet so players notice the glowing is different. Also there's a "typo", a word missing in the dialog text, when Daniel reaches Mom's room.

Other than that, it's awesome!
Keep it up.

Thank you, and thanks for playing! I'll have to look into that typo... 

Also, thanks again for making the font. It fit perfectly with the game. (:


Loved the game though I never DID see the monster it kept me in great anticipation and constant fear waiting for it to rear its ugly head. I think my constant cowardice saved me though haha, left a follow and keep up the amazing work! Your game starts around 19:07 in the video

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Thanks so much for playing and for following! 

Left a comment on your video. (:


Fun game the rain in the background helps create the errie atmosphere. Ithough it was a bit odd using W to walk but i got over it. Also maybe also being able to skip dialoug with space would be nice as that is what i am used too. Still it was a fun game i enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Hmm... I didn't think of including space bar to skip dialogue... thanks for the idea!

The reason I chose W to walk was because I was experimenting with control styles and there effect on gameplay. My theory, was that using W to walk made it harder to turn then using the standard A and D. So, the player now has a much bigger blind spot since turning is a bigger task.

My hope was that this new style would add a bit more creepiness to my game... not sure if it worked or not...

Anyway thanks again for playing, and I'm SO glad you liked it. (:


Yeah i feel like W worked felt odd at first then natural after fun game!


Why do people make videos about this game but not the glorious great green ravioli burglar simulator? Is it really just that bad? Well id rather people make videos about a good game like this rather than a suck game like mine if thats the case. Whyyyyyy please tell Cuddles how to get youtubers to play me game so I can get more cuddles. DANG IM A CLINGY IDIOT. Oh well here have a thingy:
Wait a minute, maybe its because the game isnt finished? Cuddles is a dumb...

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Hey Cuddles! Honestly, I really like Ravioli Burglar Simulator! I'm glad to see your planning on finishing it out. 

If your looking for advice on how to get Youtubers to play your game, then I can only think of a few things...

1. Have a good game page. A few screenshots are good, but a few gifs, or a trailer is best.

2. Most Youtubers are into horror games. Your game doesn't have to be a horror game, but maybe try including fog or something horror like to attract some attention.

3. Just ask. If you watch some of the videos below, you'll notice I asked like 50% of them to play this game. This not only helps in popularity, but also shows other Youtubers that your game could be interesting.

I just recently saw your Get Feedback post. I'm really sorry about how things have been going for ya. It's incredibly impressive that you made Ravioli Burglar Simulator to extent it is today with everything your going through. So, if you need any help with SFX on your game, just let me know. I already have a royalty free SFX pack here, but if you need some custom made SFX, I'm happy to add it in! 

Good look man, and Merry Christmas! (:


Cuddles likes you

Well thank you! I like you too! (:




Can I has a compwement pwease?

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Oh, no need to ask for a complement! 

Do know that I and many others like me think super highly of you! 

You go through a lot between the constant haters, and your health issues. So seriously man, mad respect! (:


Reminds me of my youth! 10/10


Haha, thanks man! (:

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Honestly really impressed with this game, very charming. If you're squeamish about horror, this is a good game for you. I'm looking forward to seeing more from the developer.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm really happy you liked it. ^-^

Had a blast watching your video, and laughed a lot! Will definitely be checking out more of your vids... 


Thanks so much, keep on creating!


the character is rocking that blanket. 


Haha, thank you so much! (:

Daniel takes pride in his style.


Great game! Congratulations

Thank you! ^-^


that was phenomenal bro! def keep this style up!

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Thank you, I will! (:


lovely to hear mate



Ty if you respond :)

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Hmm... have you tried using the new help page

If the stuff on there doesn't work, then there may be a glitch. Mind telling me at what point in the game are you stuck?

Also, thanks for playing my game! (:


I LOVED THIS GAME!! It is so beautifully made, like I love the art. And I got really scared by that shadow man, lmao. Amazing!

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Thanks so much for playing, and for such a nice comment! ^_^


I found this game at first poor because I didnt know what to do, Please have an instructions page

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I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with my game. 

Just added in the help page. I hope you will consider trying it again...


Thanks for reaching out to me, this game was pretty fun! I actually got spooked a few times haha

Thanks so much for the vid! It was AWESOME!! ^-^

P.S. Sorry for bass boosting ya, that's a weird glitch that happens occasionally... will be fixing soon.


haha the bass boost was very ominous 

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this game is very guuud, make me jump twice. and the buildup is amazing, eerie atmosphere definitely worked. keep up the good work!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! (:

I REALLY enjoyed the video! I loved the small edits you added in too. Will definitely be watching more of your stuff in the future. 


A fun little game. Loved the retro style and the sounds.

Thanks for playing! Really fun to see your playthrough on it. (:


Pretty neat horror game you've made, you did a good first impression!

Thank you so much! The video was awesome!

Haha, can't believe I misspelled the title... 

I will probably make another short horror game after Christmas. 

Thanks again for playing! Looking to forward to watching your vids more in the future. (:


This was a super cool game! (:

Thank you! ^-^


Very neat game. I'll need to play again. The lighting and sound was really a highlight to the game. I hope there will be more.

Thanks for playing! I spent extra time on lighting and sound, so I'm glad it shows. ^_^


Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was a short and sweet experience, I liked the pixelated art style and the monster was creepy too, good work :) 

Thanks for playing! Loved the video. (:


Amazing game dev :D 

Watched it and loved it! Thank you! ^_^


Wow. That was a amazing experience. really enjoyed playing it and it also scared me a few times. The sound design is also  extremely good. I really like the fact that it's not just a jumpscare madness like other horror games. really reminds me of amnesia. Well done. 5/5

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Thank you so much!

When I started making this game, I didn't want to make just another horror game overflowing with jumpscares. So, I really tried to capture the feel of what scared me when I was a kid. 

Thanks again for playing and for rating! I'm glad you enjoyed it. (: